Top 7 Tips For E-Commerce Merchants Investing In Mobile App Development

E-commerce is not limited to the website, since it’s time-consuming omni-channel. You cannot expect to achieve your sales targets unless you are present across various sales channels. Mobile is one channel you can’t afford to ignore because it’s without a doubt the biggest selling opportunity, given the huge number of shoppers who prefer accessing their smartphones to online stores. Although sellers have receptive websites in general, mobile apps are a corporate imperative today. There are a few things you should take into account to get the best profits before you invest in your online store’s mobile app development. Let us list some points that will be of help.

Start with a clutter-free and appealing UI

The user interface of your mobile app matters before anything else, espweecially when your online store is being replicated. Given that hundreds of products will probably be on display, users should find the app attractive visually and easily accessible. Make sure that you focus on the devices’ screen size when you design the mobile UI. In addition it would be necessary to set the content, buttons and menus to reveal them. The design should simultaneously be in keeping with your brand.

Onboarding and checkout should be simple

If you take several steps to embed your mobile app, you will have to be hurt. Online shoppers are eager to stop or uninstall their app to explore other options. Make sure you do not have to fill in several fields for registration and login processes. A long-drawn-out check-out is also an assassin for mobile business and should at all costs be avoided. Providing connection to social media is a good idea because it significantly renders these processes quick and frictionless.

Simplified navigation with shorter steps

The number of Menus and Submenus e-Commerce typically contain can be a major challenge for navigation with mobile devices. It is intended to develop simplified navigation, which will make product discovery easier in categories, subcategories and sections. Given the screen space limitations, steps to access certain products and categories should also be minimal and easy.

Integrate with the device features for outstanding experiences

The best thing about moving with your e-commerce store is to make shopping easier, provided the device features are properly used. You can for instance integrate with GPS to send push notifications across locations while you can access your camera and microphone for visual and voice searches. Simply put, you can use the device’s capabilities to raise user experiences and to create interest and commitment. Advanced technology can also be integrated into an app for compelling experiences like Enhanced Reality and Virtual Reality.

Ensure strong security for the app

Security is an important concern for the buyers and sellers of e-commerce, be they web-based or mobile applications. Because the shoppers must share their personal and financial information, they would always want it secure. The next step to ensure the security of user data that you collect during your shopping transactions is the safety of the e-commerce app. Likewise, mobile wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay are secure for payments. The app should be guaranteed.

Personalize user experiences through data analytics

Mobile applications can provide vast advantages for e-commerce sellers because analytics are supported. Shoppers browse an application and their activity is tracked and recorded as data logs that are used to understand individual users’ behaviour, preferences and demographics. You can use this information to better understand the users’ experiences and customise them to suit their preferences with auto recommendations.

Give special offers to incentivize app usage

Another useful tips are to make special deals and offers for merchants who want to make the most of their mobiles investments to stimulate application use. They can be shared with the user in a milestone, e.g. one for on-boarding, next for shopping, another for referral and more. This strategy will not only improve your app’s retention rate but also help you increase your market reach.


In addition to following these tips, you should ensure that shoppers maintain their commitment to fast loading of e-commerce applications. Users would quickly quit the app, which takes even a matter of seconds to load, with the many options they have. The best way is to hire dedicated mobile app developer in India who understands sellers’ needs and customer expectations and replicates them all in the e-commerce application.

DxMinds has extensive experience in the e-commerce field and is a major mobile app development company in India. Over the years, we have successfully developed and implemented several e-commerce shopping apps that enable us to create selling apps. Share with us your needs and we’ll create an app that adds value to your business in e-commerce.

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